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Web Design

Design or Redesign? Business Website or Individual Website? DCR Web Services can do it all. Custom features and coding are our specialty!​

We provide an extensive choice of design services to help turn my clients’ visions into realities. we’ve been providing a wide range of design services to clients. We strive to ensure our business partners are satisfied with the work we do.

We are highly dedicated and driven. Get in touch and discover what we can do for you.

Migrate Website

Migrate existing sites to the Wix platform while keeping the look and feel.

Classic Website

Create a basic websites with a theme.

Editor X Website

Get a full customized website, create specialized features, or add custome code using Editor X.

Redesign Website

Redesign existing sites.

Advanced Website

Create websites with customized visuals and advanced features.

Mobile Website

Create mobile versions of sites that look professional on all devices.

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